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I am putting this together so I can try to organize what games and equipment will be available for the party. I also wanted to put all the information in one place rather than mass texting.

To start off this is what we currently have set up. Please provide questions or concerns but leave out personal information if you leave a comment.


  • Saturday 12/29/2012 (Note: this is a change from Friday 12/28/2012)
  • Location Byron’s house
    • Parking will need to be on the street you can not park in the pools parking lot! Sorry :(
  • Time TBA (My guess is that wings will be at 12 Noon and start the LAN party at 3ish pm)
    • I understand there to be wings on Saturday and to avoid conflicting times I would like to have the start time after the food.
    • I am ok to have people stop by earlier if they wish and then we head over for food or even drop off equipment. If this is the case give me a call so I know to expect you.
    • feel free to show up late and if people wish to stay up late this should be ok assuming cops don’t chase us off.

Party Counts

  • 4 confirmed people to show up
  • 3 Might VPN


  • Please contact me to let me know if you are coming I would like to put together a list of what equipment is available to use and the number of people that will be coming.
  • Please contact me if you wish to VPN so I know who to send information to when it is set up.
  • just in case there is any question you must be 21 or older to attend.


(Note: click on link to see games availability)

Game System:

  • PC console’s
  • XBox 360

PC Console’s

  • Bring your own
  • 1 maybe 2 spares at the moment ( I think they are already claimed)
    • let me know if you need a PC to play on
  • Ethernet switches will be available see below

Xbox Need equipment still

  • 2/4 console
  • 5/16 controllers
  • 1 Projector and Screen
  • 0/3 screens to play Xbox


  • Should have VPN set up
  • confirmed 1 gigabit switches with 8 ports
  • confirmed 1 gigabit router with 4 ports
  • should have 1 additional gigabit 8 port switch
  • 2 Ethernet cable at 100 ft length ( more would be better as this only reaches 2/3 rooms now)

Working Space

  • 3 rooms to set up consoles
  • 12 chairs not including couches
  • 3 tables at least 6 Ft long

Food & Beverage

  • Bring your own at the moment
  • stove and 2 microwaves available for use
  • fridge space still available if required
  • some beer available (more would be better and you must be 21 or older to drink)
  • some alcohol available (more would be better and you must be 21 or older to drink)


  • label-er will be on site to label personal equipment

Items still Required

  • mumble server or skype/GTalk/Steam
  • Xbox equipment
  • cat 5 or 6 cables

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